TOGGLE – 2014

Runway - Toronto Arts and Fashion week, [FAT]

Runways: Fashions for Passions - Toronto Exhibition Place, Black Fashion week - Montreal, Toronto Arts and Fashion week, [FAT]
“Mitra’s Toggle collection is a postmodern comment to the modern obsession with human multitasking. “ TAFFY DREAM Fashion Magazine
“Wonderfully weird…Awesome, This isn’t just fashion – it’s art.” NOW Magazine
“If normal fashion films are fascinating, Mitra Ghavamian’s film was out of this world. “The Lady – Like Leopard Blog
“Mitra Ghavamian, whose opera-accompanied presentation of multi-limbed “straightjackets” was a series so humorously imaginative
it resolved why FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) exists in the first place.” Christine Ama, ADONE Magazine