LOVE - 2010

Runway - Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion week, [FAT]

“Love weighs us down, but at the same time grants meaning and beauty to our lives.
I have inscribed my outfits with messages written in Persian and bits and pieces of ancient Persian poems.
I enjoy the soft shape of this handwriting and find it feminine, though at the same time I wanted the words of these ancient lovers fragmented all over my modern cloths to show that the pain, longing, nostalgia, and beauty of love remains the same despite the passage of time" Mitra Ghavamian “Breathtakingly impressive! As soon as we saw the first Mitra model step out onto the runway we could feel the entire room buzzing with excitement. The entire line enthralled the audience with captivating designs.” TORONTOIST “My favorite line was a bridal collection titled MITRA by Mitra Ghavamian. Pieces mashed classic bridal wear with cultural detailing, from various different countries, resulting in glamorously, stunning pieces that were like works of art.” Toronto Street Fashion